Write, Publish, Promote and
Profit from your Book:

How to Make a Bigger Impact and Income with Greater Joy and Ease


Do you feel like you don’t have the time you crave for yourself, your family, and the people you serve?

Do you worry about making enough money in the coming years?

It’s time to live your vision without wasting years filled with unnecessary struggle.

Here’s what people are saying about the retreat and course:

Write, Publish, Promote and Profit [WPPP]

WPPP is a 12 month live online course that will streamline the time and work required to write, publish, promote and profit from your book.

In WPPP, we’ll integrate the four pragmatic, action-oriented skills to create a life you love.

1. Manage your mind so that you can overcome fear of the unknown and summon the courage to move ahead in the face of challenges.

2. Write. develop and refine the message you want to get out into the world.

3. Learn how to build marketing skills and strategies so that your message has optimal impact.

4.  Explore and create new business and lifestyle opportunities as you amplify your impact in the world.

Write, Publish, Promote and Profit from Your Book

WPPP is a 12 month live online course that will streamline the time and work required to write, publish, promote and profit from your book.
What you get from attending this Live Retreat and Live Online Course:
  • Two deep dive retreats for 2.5 days each at the beginning and end of the program on the magical island of Martha’s Vineyard. You will identify and clarify your vision for writing and promoting your book and develop a pragmatic executable plan.
  • Meetings are three times monthly for 75 minutes of content, feedback, guidance and accountability. Meetings are live, online and on the Zoom platform. Each session will be recorded so that if you miss a session you can access the recording at any time.
  • Once your plan is in place we meet you where you are in the writing and marketing process. You are able to break down your goals into actionable steps that don’t feel daunting.
  • You’ll strengthen your skills for managing your mind so that you can sustain your enthusiasm and determination throughout this process.
  • As we continue to work together we will help you refine your plan so that you can effectively bring your vision to life with greater joy and ease than you may have ever imagined possible.
  • WPPP is designed to give you the right support, tools, guidance and accountability needed to save years of wasted time and unnecessary struggle—so that you can lead a life that matters the most to you.
  • The second retreat prepares you to act on the opportunities that come from writing your book. This means continuing to get your message out into the world, increasing your income and creating a life you love.
  • Throughout this process, you’ll be in a community of likeminded souls. You’ll solidify relationships during the retreat as you learn, grow and support each other in your efforts. It takes a village to get your message out into the world in the strongest way possible. The retreat will be where you create the foundation for your vision and that into actionable steps.
  • Immediately upon signing up you’ll be placed in an exclusive, private Facebook group where you’ll get to share your journey. In the FB group you’ll get valuable feedback to your questions and support when you get stuck. Even if you don’t typically use Facebook this group will be of great value to you as it is where many conversations beyond the actual course take place. The additional ideas, support, accountability and guidance you’ll receive will continue to accelerate your progress.
  • You’ll be paired up with different accountability partners for the duration of the 8-month program. Accountability partners will give you significant added value in terms of the way your message is delivered and perceived.
  • You’ll receive monthly check-in calls with Dr. Randy Kamen or Dr. Rod Wallace where you can discuss challenges and brainstorm ideas regarding the writing and promoting of your book.

I can assure you that being a lone wolf during this process will hold you back, take you more time than necessary and keep you from making the difference that you long to make.

If you’re ready to be the change, expand your reach and make more moolah then this program is for YOU!

If you are committed to living your vision in 2020 then let’s get on the phone and see if this is the right fit for you.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after this program:

 1. A completed manuscript

2. A vision for your business and a life you love

3. A marketing plan and tools for navigating forward

4. A specific blueprint with actionable goals for next steps

If you are ready to write your book and make the difference that you
always longed to make then this course/retreat is for you.

A glimpse of what’s in the course and retreats

Write, Publish, Promote and Profit [WPPP]

WPPP is a 9 month live online course that will streamline the time and work required to write, publish, promote and profit from your book.

My story

When I began writing my book I’d get up at dawn and see my first patient by 8:00am. The days were long and there was an endless amount of paperwork, insurance forms and calls to be made. There was never enough time to get it all done.

There were days when I had little time for myself or my family. I questioned what I was doing and if I would ever make the difference I wanted to create for others.

I often thought that there must be a way to live the vision that I held for my life, my business and the world around me with greater joy and ease. Of course, there would be challenges along the way, but I knew there had to be a better way to lead my life and live my vision.

What I came to realize was the secret ingredient was not about time management—but rather managing my mind.

When my mindset was in the right place it became easier to implement the pragmatic action oriented tools that were critical to success.

Applying the tools and strategies that took years for me to acquire finally led to the publication of my book. What I learned from the process is that bringing my book to life didn’t need to be so hard, take so long or cost as much money as it did.

In short:

From my own successes and mistakes I have distilled the most important and proven methods so that you can write, publish, promote and profit from your book without wasting time, money or struggle unnecessarily.  

My journey was the impetus that inspired me to develop this powerful and comprehensive course.

In addition to learning how to write, publish and promote the message you’re choosing to put out into the world, you need the right Mindset to take it the distance.

Taking a stand for what you believe, taking risks, being willing to be wrong or fail all comes with the sometimes scary territory of bringing forth your message.

That said, with the right support, accountability, guidance and tools in place just about anything you wish to create is possible.

You can clarify and live your vision so that you, your family, the people you serve and beyond all stand to benefit.

Write, Publish, Promote and Profit [WPPP]

WPPP is a 9 month live online course that will streamline the time and work required to write, publish, promote and profit from your book.